Whole Body Challenge report – 5/21

Whole Body Challenge report May 21

A most remarkable day! I reached my goal of 3 sets of 10 leg lifts!

I had given up on making the goal, but some of you said I would make it, somehow, and I did!  Perhaps the day of rest yesterday helped my muscles recover, or perhaps my increasing the Gel a little helped also.

It is encouraging to be able to transfer from the power chair to the leg bench by myself.     This was to document my increase in mobility and that I have gained some independence.

Betty was filming, not standing by as “spotter” or to help.  When I first started transferring to the bench, my male helper had to give me a little boost.

Did 20 leg presses!  Walking was 120 ft, and my weight is holding at 134 lbs.

I went 60 steps on the stepper, which is more than the usual daily amount.

I am elated to have made the leg lift goal, especially after thinking it was impossible!

Check back next week for the conclusion of the Challenge contest.

6 thoughts on “Whole Body Challenge report – 5/21

  1. Sue Sauer

    Hurrah again! What a great testimony of progress. Nothing is impossible with God’s help. Keep it up and continue to let us hear about your achievements. Your hard work keeps paying off! So proud of you, Bob and Betty, too.

  2. Lyn Heinz

    Nice going Bob! Goals are so important, and you proved this by reaching them! I wish you would win.

  3. Dr. John Martin

    Way to go Champ! I mean Captain…I never thought you couldn’t do it. You guys are amazing. Glad to be within your sphere of influence.

    Doc Martin

  4. Aileen Chinen

    HOORAY! Thank you, Polly, for optimistically encouraging Bob. (And others for the upbeat comments!)
    Bob…you did it! Exceptionally happy for you! YAAAY!

    Zippadee doo dah…zippadee ay….oh “my Lord” what a wonderful day!

  5. Marilyn Nalbach

    Congratulations on reaching your leg lift goal!!
    Have a grand Memorial day weekend.

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