Whole Body Challenge report – 5/15

Whole Body Challenge report – 5/15

 This week I see progress in the little things.  I “tested” myself doing squats.   I did 18, a new record.  My goal is 25, so there is hope I’ll make that goal. 

The video features one of my upper body exercises.  I start with this exercise, pulling with the triceps and muscles in the shoulder girdle.  I do one set with my palms up, and one set with my palms down, to get different muscles in the upper arm engaged.

Today on the weekly measuring/picture day, I again did all the exercises in my routine.  We walked 180 ft for the second day.  That is more than half the distance of my goal of 300 ft, so a little bit of progress.

My weight settled at 134 lb, down a bit, but still in the range to make my goal of 135 lb

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  1. Aileen Chinen

    Same here, Bob…you’ve just motivated me to get my bod moving! Thanks a mil…GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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