Whole Body Challenge report – 3/19

Whole Body Challenge report 3/19/20

Challenges are like mountain climbing.  There are peaks and valleys.  This week had both ups and downs. An exciting peak was to walk with the walker for 300 ft – it was a surprise!  I’ve been staying consistent at 180 ft, and for no good reason, it jumped to 100 yards, which is actually my final goal.

Remember my main goal is to gain muscle strength and mobility, and to be able to drive to the Convention in Orlando in August. We had to go out to the mobility equipment store because the lift in the car that loads my mobility scooter was slowing down. We learned that the motor in the lift is dying; no more lifts or motors are being made because our model of vehicle is no longer made, and our best option is to keep going until the motor quits. 

Please pray with us that the motor does not quit in Orlando!

The drive to Orlando is about 100 miles, and is supposed to take about 2 hours. The drive to the store and back was 25 miles, and my legs were very tired. That’s motivation to keep building strength!

Working to increase leg strength on my stepper!

If you are curious what the “Whole Body Challenge” is – or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out.