My Whole Body Challenge Award

My Whole Body Challenge Award

To be recognized and honored by an award was most gratifying. i thought you would like to see the video of the interview of the presentation.

I did what I should have been doing anyway – to exercise and push to gain more strength and mobility. I’m 85, and we do everything we can to extend life and the quality of life. 

When New U Life came along 2 years ago, we discovered a community of people who cared about helping others — first the company people, and then others using the products who have been so supportive and encouraging. I believe the products gave me the nutrition for energy, and God gave me the will and Spirit to fight through the Whole Body Challenge.

The cash award is timely. I will use most of it to finish and publish my next children’s rhyming story picture book,  “The Ladybug Known as Lil”.  My vision is to help children with reading with my gift of rhyme. It helps me to have a purpose in life beyond just living.

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