First Month Challenge Report


First Month Challenge Report:

As I start the second month of the Whole Body Challenge, I am pleased to see signs of progress toward my goals to gain strength and mobility, and to   walk further with the walker.

I weighed in at 133 lbs, which is where I was before. That is perfect, because I do not want to lose weight, I want to gain weight.

Everyday, I do an upper body warmup and firm-up to prepare for walking and the stress on arms and shoulders of getting on the leg lift tower. I press the ball in for isometric conditioning, and 10 reps with the 5lb dumbbell.

I am feeling a little more strength as I transfer to and from my power chair.

I am getting more days walking 180 ft with the walker. Also evidence of a little more strength was doing 10 squats and 50 reps on the stepper.

Today I was able to do 3 sets of leg lifts, one at 10 reps, and 2 at 5 reps – so gaining some strength there also.

If you are curious what the “Whole Body Challenge” is –  or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out.   Big Prizes!