My Whole Body Challenge

My Whole Body Challenge

I decided to take The Whole Body Challenge because I need to increase my mobility and strength in order to drive to our company Convention in Orlando in August.

I am starting with residuals from encephalitis, a virus in the spine and brain wall fluids, when I was 15.  The virus left me almost completely paralyzed and with muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle spasticity, loss of balance, and unequal muscle tension that gradually caused severe scoliosis.

Twenty years later, climbing the mountain of recovery, I could walk without crutches or cane, and was completely functional again.  Regrettably, apparently the brain remembers and starts recreating the symptoms of the virus, now called post-encephalitic syndrome.  Loss of balance started in 1980, followed by a slow downhill slide when I needed a cane, then crutches, then a walker, and finally a power chair for mobility.

After another near death experience with heart attack, congestive heart failure, and blocked coronary arteries in 2016, I was again left nearly paralyzed and was sent home under Hospice care with the expectation that I would die!   I could not sit up in bed without help.  The first time I got off the bed, with 2 men holding me up, I could not lift my foot off the floor!  

God answers prayers, and I “graduated” from Hospice.  After a gradual comeback in the last three years, and adding the Gel to our nutritional regime, I can walk with a four wheel walker up to 120 feet, with someone acting as a safety catcher holding me with a gait belt.

By adding the KG4, KetoDay and KetoNight, that have nutrition for the brain, I hope to offset the post encephalitic syndrome, and gain 2 lbs. of muscle weight.

My first goal in the Challenge is to walk with the walker 300 feet, or 100 yards.

For leg strength, do 25 squats while holding on to the kitchen sink.  I can now do 7. AND, do 100 steps on a stepper. I started at 20.

For upper body strength, do 3 sets of 10 lifts on the leg lift tower.  I can now do 1 set of 10. 

I am grateful for our company for providing an amazing incentive to motivate me to make a huge leap forward in regaining and maintaining strength and mobility.  I am excited to be in the company of real “mountain climbers”!

If I can inspire someone or challenge someone to make changes for better health, I would consider that a blessing.  

For more information about the “ Whole Body Challenge” and the training and incentives — check out