The Weigh-in

The Weigh-in

I am 84 years old and starting the Whole Body Challenge.  I am dealing with residuals from encephalitis, a virus in the spine and brain wall fluids, that I had when I was 15.  The virus left me almost completely paralyzed and with muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle spasticity, loss of balance, and unequal muscle tension that gradually caused severe scoliosis.

The first challenge was the weigh-in.  Not having a scale, Betty went to Walmart and bought a digital scale.

Because I have a poor sense of balance,  I cannot stand or walk without holding on to something.  Holding on to the kitchen sink I stepped on the scale, and lifted my hands a little, but quickly.  The scale read: E  — for Error.

Multiple attempts all read: E    Betty got on the scale, and it worked fine.  Apparently I could not stand still enough to get a weight recorded.

We traded the scale with a friend who had a mechanical scale with a slightly bigger platform.  Hurrah, we got a reading, almost — I think.

The scale was too close to the sink for me to balance more than a couple of seconds, but did read 132 pounds.  Last week, we did a little better and got a reading of 133 pounds.  This week, February 20, we got the scale positioned where I could balance better, and we got another reading of 133 pounds.  Hurrah!

One of my Challenge goals is to GAIN weight, not lose weight,  so I’m off to a good start! ?

If you are curious what the “Whole Body Challenge” is –  or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out.   Big Prizes!