#4 Watermark

#4 of Watermark

Our move in date to the Watermark was postpone a week because the apartment was not ready, which was a relief.  I was not ready with things packed.  May 27th was the big move.  

The day we moved in,  sitting on the counter,  was a welcome basket with  all these goodies …..   paper towel, Kleenex, dish washer powder, hand soap, box of trash bags, etc, etc – and a little night light for the bathroom.

When I opened the refrigerator – there was a big bowl of fresh fruit and a large vegetable  tray of vegetables with a dipping sauce!    That was our dinner!  (sorry – I didn’t take a picture)  🙂

I felt we were welcomed as VIP’S !

The residents and staff have been very supportive and friendly – like being welcomed into a large family.  

One of the big benefits I love is I don’t have to cook dinner  🙂  The food has been very good.  The dining room is like an upscale restaurant that you order from a menu with large selection of choices. 


To be contined – Learning about the little things that make living in a place interesting, if not  embarrassing.  🙂