Looking Back! Looking Forward!

imagesLooking Back!  Looking Forward!

New Year’s eve 2015 – time to reflect and look back on the past year, and plan for the year ahead.  2015 was a landmark year as I had my 80th birthday, and Betty & I celebrated our 50th anniversary.  Betty also had a remarkably perfect total hip replacement with no pain from the surgery.  The lack of pain is from God’s provision and lots of PROformance, the superfruit extract from eXfuze that is high anti-inflammatory.

My rhyming story picture book, “Mouse in the Manger” was an award-winning Finalist in both the Florida Writer’s Royal Palm Literary Awards, and the 2015 USA Best Book Awards.

Our intent for the new year is to press on – keep on keeping on with renewed resolve to our commitment made some 45 years ago to be as healthy as we can be.  We were challenged by our doctor in Hawaii to learn and do what it takes to be healthy.

As God led us on a path to health and well being; we learned many things, and gathered tools and resources to improve our health.  We had stages to go through, as we learned that low fat, low cholesterol eating, while good, was not enough because we were eating preservatives, artificial colors and additives that were detrimental.  We learned the necessity of “movement” called “exercise”, and then resources for eating organic as the food supply became detrimental from GMOs.

We trained at the Better Life Institute to teach people how to lose weight, and then worked with a certified nutritionist as wellness coaches for 20 years.  We loved helping others improve their health, and continue to offer the information and resources we found when people want to make the lifestyle change for good health and anti-aging.

If better health is one of your new year’s resolutions, and you are serious about it, give us a call, and we’d be delighted to help you on your journey by sharing what we’ve learned.

2016 Goals:

Help people with their health goals.   Expand our eXfuze business.   Exercise daily.   Be consistent with the Blog – twice weekly.   Publish a new rhyming story picture book – “Danny the Dragon” – already in the works.    Ashly Otis, who did the illustrations for “Mouse in the Manger”, has completed one illustration of Danny – and it is gorgeous!

What are your goals for 2016?  Feel free to share – writing your goals is the first step in getting started!

Your health is your greatest asset!

Happy New Year!