Upside Down These Days?

As I sit at our dining room table, I can see a lizard on the sliding glass door that opens to the back yard. Usually she is hanging upside down, waiting very still for a bug to hit the door, then dashes to try to catch it.”

Isn’t that like our life now – we are hanging upside down, frozen in place, waiting for something to come to us. But God encourages us to “press on”. (Phil 3:14) ” press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Now is the time to evaluate our life and anticipate what good things we can do when the upside down time is over. Do you have a dream that has been put on the shelf?  Are there people who need to hear that you love them?  Don’t wait – do the important things now before it is too late, and you are left with regrets.

6 thoughts on “Upside Down These Days?

  1. Ivan Cottrell

    Bob, speaking of hanging upside down, many years ago I was in Bangkok for the Air Force and eating breakfast at a hotel when a lizard of some kind dropped into the plate of the guy across from me. Once the shock wore off we had a good laugh. (The breakfast area was covered with vines, and lizards looking for bugs.) ive

  2. Sue Sauer

    Absolutely right, Bob. Doing things from home – texting and calling friends to let them know they’re not forgotten. Then, once things open up, there will be lots we can do! Good things. For Him!

  3. Vivian Post

    It does seem that we are upside down these days. But God still has us in His hand! I love lizards too. I talk to them.

  4. Aileen Chinen

    For many, it does appear “upside down”…for some…they’re hanging like that. I have been (& still) praying for people to come to Jesus. And guess what…there’s a global out-seeking of our Lord…by the thousands! How? Online! Yay! PTL!

    Oh…FYI…I love lizards. I always grab those in our house to throw them out into the yard. To save them so they can continue to eat pesky bugs. (Da beeg ones, sooo fast!). The last one I caught was just 4 days ago. It struggled so much that its tail broke into my fingers, twice. Eek! Poor thing. But, was successful in taking the cutie out into the yard. Shhh…I no tell my hubby…or he go smash ’em.

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