17. Daddy the Game Player

17.  Daddy the Game Player

Daddy taught me to play checkers when I was young.  He always beat me.  I found a book in my mail order catalogs, “How to Win at Checkers,” which explained the perfect game. When I started beating him, Daddy quit, and we moved on to chess.  When I started beating him at chess, we moved on to cribbage.  Daddy always won at card games, but I enjoyed playing with him.  We played our last game of cribbage when he was 90, the last time I saw him.

The family game was “Pedro”, which was a game something like Bridge, where the players bid based on their perceived ability to take “tricks”.  Daddy usually paired with Mom, and I with my sister Jan.  Daddy was the best player and most aggressive bidder, Mom was the most timid, and Jan and I were cautious, but could hold our own after I got into my teens.

Pedro was also the game used at the local Grange Hall for card parties.  After I was old enough, we used to go to compete.  Daddy was a frequent winner.  Daddy was the game player.

2 thoughts on “17. Daddy the Game Player

  1. Kim Grant

    One of my early memories of these games of the family was sneaking out of bed to see what all the laughing was all about in the kitchen. The door was shut, but we could peek in to see what all the merriment was about. Of course, we always got caught as we couldn’t keep quiet, but learned pedro as soon as we were old enough to see if this fun was contagious? It was. I passed the time with Gramp a a lot near the end, but could always pull him into a game of cribbage.

  2. Aileen Chinen

    Wow! Playing such games sharpen the mind. Ahh…maybe that’s another reason why your dad lived so long. And why you’re so akamai, also! 😃

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