5. Music Finale

Bob - Band uniform

5. Music Finale

School started again and my wonderful life continued blossoming! I earned first chair trumpet in the marching band. On my previous birthday, Daddy had proudly presented me with a shiny new French Selmer cornet, the finest instrument of the day! I won medals at State music festivals, and the Assistant Band Director at Michigan State University invited me to take lessons with him…was I flattered!

My life was all planned in my mind. I would become a professional musician, or a band director, and play my horn the rest of my life. Scouting and music were the center of my wonderful life!trumpet

During my childhood we attended the Church of Christ in town. The Hicks family was the Sunday School orchestra; Mom on the piano, Daddy played violin, my sister Jan played saxophone, I played trumpet, and an elderly gentleman played a lap tuba.

One of the kids, Ivan, became my life-long friend. We sang in the choir, and when the electricity went off, Ivan and I pumped the big bellows backstage so the pipe organ would work.

One day at home, as I walked into the living room, I fell! I just lost my balance and fell down! I fell again the next day, and Mom dug out Grandpa’s old cane so I could get around. Something was drastically wrong!

After a couple of days, I could not walk. The doctors in the small towns nearby were unable to diagnose my problem, so my aunt took me to Chicago, where a doctor friend of hers got me in to the University of Chicago Clinics Department of Neurology.

For the unfolding of a dramatic moment in my life, come back tomorrow!