4. Choices – Bus or Train



  4. Choices 

Bus or Train


Our group chaperone and most of the boys, were impatient to get traveling, so took the bus. Three of the boys and I thought that going on the train would be far more comfortable than riding a bus all night, so chose to wait the two hours.

We watched the bus pull out, then as we walked across the street to the train station, a cab driver offered to drive us around downtown Chicago for an hour to see the sights for two bucks apiece. I had been in Chicago before visiting my aunt, but the other guys had not, so we went.

We saw the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry with the Planetarium dome, and the bright lights of the theater marques in the downtown loop. With the driver’s commentary, it was fun, and we got back in plenty of time to catch the train.

The train arrived in Ionia next morning about an hour after the bus. My parents told me that the boy’s parents were very upset with the chaperone for leaving us alone in Chicago! My parents were not worried, because they knew I was mature enough to take care of myself and the boys.

A week at home, where I celebrated my fifteenth birthday, then off with the scouts to the 1950 National Jamboree at Valley Forge. A lot of us got poison ivy, not so good! My wonderful summer was over, and I went back to school.

Have you or anyone in your family had some interesting travel experiences?