99. Springtime Symphony in the Apple Orchard

99. Ā Springtime Symphony in the Apple Orchard

Across a small open field south of the house there was an old orchard with big gnarled apple trees. I would sneak through the tall grass in the orchard, and hide and dream under the trees.



The black bug sat in the apple tree,
Strumming a banjo on his knee.
He sang a love song melody,
To a ladybug as pretty as a bug could be.

While he sang the beautiful melody,
A beetle added harmony.
A grasshopper fiddled and fiddled with glee,
Rubbing his legs enthusiastically.

They all sang high in the key of C,
With the bass notes hummed by a bumblebee.
They sang of Bonnie over the sea,
Of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

They sang of life’s sweet mystery,
Of battles fought and victory.
They sang of the West that used to be,
With pulsing rhythm and poetry.

Sometimes they sang a little off key,
With marvelous creativity.
The butterflies danced so prettily,
In a swirling aerial fantasy.

I close my eyes for the memory,
To relive that childhood reverie;
Of a wonderful springtime symphony,
And a boy in the grass ‘neath the apple tree.

4 thoughts on “99. Springtime Symphony in the Apple Orchard

  1. Ruth S Baxter

    Beautiful. My favorite memory of springtime is catching lightening bugs and then letting them go and seeing them fly through the air..

  2. Kara Grant

    Hi Unc
    Marvelous creativity, says it all. You made me homesick. love you. Merry Christmas from all.

  3. Sue Sauer

    Such delightful poetry – feel like I can see you there and hear the delightful sounds of the crickets, etc. Ah, Spring! Oh, the good old days, especially in the country. How blessed you were.

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