114. Learning From Consequences

114.  Learning From Consequences

I learned to ride my sister’s bicycle in our driveway which was dirt and gravel.  When I made a sharp turn in front of the garage, the tire slid on the gravel, and I fell and put a gash in my knee. After it healed, I rode the bike in the same place, and fell again. I put another gash in my knee. How dumb can a kid get?  Eventually I could ride the bike safely and ventured off the farm.

It was on one of my rare mile-long bike rides down the dirt side road south of the orchard to visit a friend who lived on a neighboring farm, that I learned a valuable lesson.  The lesson was something I should have already known, “Think before you act.”  Looking for something to do or see, we went to the barnyard, hoping to see where the cows were.  The cows were nowhere in sight, but movement in the lane leading from the barn caught our attention.


I thought it was a weasel.
He thought it was a rat.
When we hit it with a stick,
We found it wasn’t that!

We saw this little critter,
Walking down the lane.
We started chasing after it,
With no reason in our brain.

We caught up with the critter,
And discovered we were sunk.
The black and white critter,
Was a straight-spraying skunk!

A lesson learned the hard way,
It’s not too smart to harm,
The little critters that you meet,
Out back upon the farm.

So remember what we learned that day,
Two boys with childish thinking,
That being inconsiderate,
Can really leave you stinking!

2 thoughts on “114. Learning From Consequences

  1. Kim Post author

    I have a farm skunk story as well that started as a trapping set up for our dreaded woodchuck population.  As luck would have it, I had a skunk in the trap.  I didn’t take any precautions as I somehow figured that the skunk would be so happy to see that I was trying to free him that he would hold his “fire”……bad idea.  It took weeks for the smell to get out of my boots and I threw out the jeans.  At work, I was told to throw a blanket over the trap so the next time, just the blanket stunk.  I didn’t set the trap again for a long time.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Kim Grant

  2. Sue Sauer

    No fun that day! Were you bathed in tomato juice or suffered some other way to “de-stink” your clothes and body? Skunk “juice” is powerful stuff

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