Blogger Back Again

 Climbing the MountainBlogger Back Again

Where did I go this time?  Betty went in the hospital with pneumonia, so Hospice whisked me off to their inland palace for a 5 day “respite.”  Beautiful place with huge rooms with big windows looking out in the woods, and excellent custom meals brought to my bed.

Then on to another place, an assisted living facility for another 18 days in a small “cozy” room with caring people forcing me to get up in a wheelchair to go to the dining room to eat good repetitive meals for my vegetarian diet.

Pushing the chair around helped me gain strength, so now home again, I can get up unassisted – hurrah, we are both home, and enjoying Betty’s great cooking — better than the “palace!”

We are climbing the mountain again with expectation of a wonderful view from the top.

Next, news of “Danny the Dragon,” my next rhyming story picture book for children, and then we’ll get back to our adventures in Hawaii, so stand by.

9 thoughts on “Blogger Back Again

  1. Aileen Chinen

    YAY! GOD IS GOOD! Glad you both are doing well 😀 Can’t wait to read more of your blogs and news of your book(s). Continuing to think and pray for you both! Aloha Ke AKUA!

  2. Berta J. Ulm

    You two have been missed! God has been very busy answering many prayers for your recovery! Slow down, continue to heal and stay well!!! Can’t wait to get a copy of the dragon!

  3. Kara Grant

    Welcome back Unc. I know its been a rough couple of weeks. Glad you are both feeling better. Looking forward to Danny and sharing more of your adventures, yeah

  4. Sandy

    So glad your both home now and feeling better. Take care of yourselves and dont try to do to much. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

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