8. Life-Saving Rescue

8.   Life-Saving Rescue

I did a lot of “pretend” games when I was seven or eight and playing alone on Grandpa’s farm. One day I was playing “Commando” climbing in the big maple tree across the driveway from the kitchen door of the house.

My Commando popgun rifle was strapped over my shoulder as I climbed down from the tree. I had to slide through a forked branch and then drop to the ground. When I slid by the branch, my hand slipped and the popgun caught in the fork, with the shoulder strap around my neck. I was trapped! I would be strangled if I let go of the branch! My mind raced as I tried to pull myself up enough to free my neck from the strap tight around my throat.

By God’s provision, Daddy was passing through the kitchen.  He looked out the screen door, and saw my plight.  He slammed through the door, leaped off the porch, and ran to wrap his arms around my legs and lift me up so I could get the gun strap off. Daddy lowered me to the ground, and said calmly, “No more tree climbing today.”

Daddy saved my life!

 (The tree in the picture is the tree where this experience occurred.)

5 thoughts on “8. Life-Saving Rescue

  1. Aileen Chinen

    Wow! Definitely, God was there for you! Nothing’s coincidental in one’s life, yah? So very timely that God purposed your father to be there and to see/save you!

  2. Sue Sauer

    How wonderful that your Dad just “happened” to look out and saw your plight. God is always keeping an eye on us – and sent help exactly when you needed it! What a loss it would have been for us, had you not survived and the gift of you had never developed to what you are today1

  3. Amy

    Dads are the best to get us out of tough situations! Glad he was watching and looking out for you! Oh the things we get ourselves into lol love your stories!

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