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The Ladybug Known as Lil

Ladybug Lil, singer at the Pumpkin Club, rides her roach through the night to find sheriff Bugaroo to save Pumpkin town from the dreaded Aphid Gang. A study guide with photos tells about the real insects that are the characters in the story.

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Danny the Dragon

Danny is a gentle dragon and is teased by the other dragons because he doesn’t make a flame. When an army of evil knights come to the kingdom, Danny becomes the hero by meeting the challenge. Study guide.

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    Mouse in the Manger   

Micah came to the manger to look for grain, but the peace of his usually quiet nighttime meal was shattered   by a startling series of events that kept Micah wide-eyed with curiosity. Micah shares what he saw, and heard from the donkey, shepherds, and camel, about the birth of Christ. Study guide included.

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Tommie Turtle’s Secret

Tommie Turtle outwits Hoppy Bunny to win the race and teach the bunny valuable lessons about friendship. A surprise twist at the end highlights moral values of forgiveness and that being nice, not bragging and teasing, is the way to make friends.  Good for early readers.

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