Danny the Dragon

DannyDanny the Dragon

There once was a little dragon.
Danny was his name.
Danny wasn’t like the other dragons,
He didn’t make a flame.

Dragons in mythology always had flames, but Danny chooses not to scare people, and keeps a low profile. BUT, when the bad guys show up, Danny rises to the occasion and becomes a hero by saving the kingdom.

Danny the Dragon is about a hero.

I have added Questions and Answers to test comprehension of young readers, and bring out the moral lesson about heroes.

Every illustration by Ashley Otis is a work of art. I feel blessed to have found such a gifted young artist!

Our campaign to market Danny begins now. Gaby Harris has created a new website for Danny – www.dannythedragon.info for people to order my current books, Mouse in the Manger and Tommie Turtles 
Secret, to help fund the publication.

We are asking friends to spread the word by social networks and media,

When the book is ready, there will be special promotions.

Thank you for your responses to “Where Did the Blogger Go”. I am blessed to have caring family and friends.

3 thoughts on “Danny the Dragon

  1. Sue Sauer

    Delighted that Danny is making his debut! What a delightful character – and, as always, a great message [for children & adults, too!] Love the artwork, too.

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