Danny the Dragon has arrived!

Danny the Dragon has arrived!

Good news!  My new book, Danny the Dragon is finally here and we are excited how it turned out.  Published by Christian Faith Publishing, the book is now available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Ashley Otis, who did the illustrations for Mouse in the Manger, did the illustrations for Danny the Dragon, and they are beautiful.  We were blessed to have found such a talented artist to bring my stories to life.


There once was a gentle dragon.
Danny Dragon was his name.
He wasn’t like the other dragons,
He didn’t make a flame.

The other dragons laughed at Danny,
And put him down to shame.
“You can’t be a fiery dragon,” they said,
“When you can’t even make a flame!”

When the other dragons went to play,
They would puff their fire and smoke.
But Danny didn’t think it fun at all,
To frighten passing folk.


Crystal Bowman, best-selling children’s author wrote:

“Danny is different from his dragon friends.  He doesn’t think it’s fun to scare people with a fiery flame, so the other dragons tease him.  One day, when trouble comes to the forest, Danny faces a big challenge while his friends flee in fear.  Danny becomes a hero and his friends learn an important lesson.

Children will love this gentle story about fear, friendship, and courage.  The text is written in whimsical rhythm and rhyme, making the reading experience enjoyable for all.  A discussion guide with questions will stimulate conversation and help children with reading comprehension.

A delightful book to be enjoyed by both parents and children, Danny the Dragon will be a favorite book in school and family libraries.”

Find out what Danny does, and how he becomes a hero in this delightful story.

Danny the Dragon can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in paperback or hardcover.

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