37. Tantalus Mountain Home

Tantalus Apartment37.  Tantalus Mountain Home

Summer 1970!  It was great to see our families again in Michigan and Pittsburgh.  The summer disappeared like ice cream on a hot day.

We were glad we could go to Al and Suzy Yonan’s house when we arrived in Honolulu.  Their generosity gave us time to look for an apartment while they were still in Michigan.  We put an ad in the paper for “Apartment Wanted” — there were no replies because the phone number was wrong – a “coincidence?”

Then Betty spotted an ad — an apartment in exchange for house-sitting.  When we called, the lady asked if we could come to interview immediately — yes, of course.

Tantalus - Bob (1)The Parents owned an apartment building in Waikiki, and were gone from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday.  If one of us could remain on the premises to answer the phone while they were gone, the apartment was free.  The Parents liked us, so we moved in the next day.  Betty, in reality, was the property security guard, along with King, the German Shepherd in the back yard, while I went to school.

Tantalus - KingWe lived in a beautiful house on an acre estate high on the side of Tantalus Mountain.  Our quarters were situated in a spacious 3-car studio apartment beneath the garage.  The outside wall was all glass with sliding doors to access a wood floor lanai and peek out through the greenery at a magnificent view that stretched from Punchbowl Crater to the far end of the Waianae Mt. Range.

Tantalus - view (1)Through our green picture frame we could see magnificent rainbows below us in the valley, ships coming and going in Pearl Harbor, planes taking off from the  airport, glorious sunsets, and the somewhat begrudgingly admitted beauty of man’s proliferation of lights stretching away into the distance at night.

We were isolated in a green world of singing crickets, whistling birds, cool floating mists, a quiet jungle on the edge between urbanity and space…ahhhhh, beautiful Tantalus!

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  1. Steve Grant

    Pearl Harbor – what a great view it must have been. As a Dec 7th baby, quite a lot of history as well. Thanks Steve

  2. Bob Hicks Post author

    I’m thrilled, just reading about the beauty and your adventures in Hawaii! The free use of apartment had to be God’s blessing! Wonderful!

  3. Sherri Crane

    Thank you for sharing your story of God’s love and faithfulness and how He provides in a personal and beautiful way.

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