48. Spiritual Renewal

holy-spirit48.  Spiritual Renewal

Our insurance agent and friend from Hilo called, and with no previous intention invited himself to dinner.  At dinner he asked if we would like to go with him to a Spirit-filled prayer and bible study group.

Sure, why not?  The small group was at the home of the Provost of the Leeward Community College.  Shortly after we joined the group, the leader announced that we all had been invited to attend an open ecumenical communion led by a young priest at the Catholic Chaminade College.  We were curious to see what the Lord was up to, so we went to the chapel at Chaminade to see what they did.  All we knew about Catholic communion was they used real wine.

The first surprise at Chaminade was to be greeted by nuns in Hawaiian print habits who hugged us!  Then, can you imagine four hours of chapel service — mostly praise songs?  There were occasional speakers, and some testimonies, followed by communion, and then a bible study teaching by Sister Irene in a nearby classroom.  The times were exhilarating, and we experienced a wonderful time of Spiritual renewal and refreshment.  Certainly God had brought us to Honolulu for new strength from His Holy Spirit, and to be able to witness for Jesus!

kalihi-union-churchSoon after, we met a former student of mine from Hilo, Randy Hongo, who invited us to attend his church, Kalihi Union Church. Kalihi Union was another landing place that I am sure God had waiting for us.  KUC was in a Filipino community with a congregation of Japanese, Hawaiians, Chinese, Korean, and Caucasians.

We had many wonderful experiences there that opened up for us over fifteen years.

6 thoughts on “48. Spiritual Renewal

  1. Sue Sauer

    This post rings so true! I remember the excitement of those first experiences, finding “There’s more!” in answer to my thirst, seeing & experiencing first hand the move of the Spirit. Praise God, there’s nothing like living with Him in our lives – and the joy of sharing with others. Thank you for sharing, Bob. Blessings to both of you, thanking God for you, “Susie”

  2. Steve Grant

    Thanks unc for always being there for me. You have always been an inspiration to me, and someone I could always look up too, and be proud of. What a journey it has been.
    Love always. Steve and the southern grants

  3. Randy and Gay

    Those were wonderful days in Hilo and Honolulu at Kalihi Union Church, weren’t they? And God used you and Betty to help us start our music ministry Christian Vision that continues to thrive for His glory after 34 years. Hallelujah God is so good!!! Randy and Gay, your servants….

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