49. Missionary Day

kawaiahao-church49.  Missionary Day

A young guy at our church asked me to help him photograph events at Kawaiahao church for the Women’s Mission Board’s Missionary Day.  Kawaiahao church is a giant stone building in mid-Honolulu built when the first missionaries came to Hawaii.

At one time the national church of the Hawaiian Kingdom and chapel of the royal family, the church is popularly known as Hawaii’s Westminster Abbey.  Betty and I sat in the balcony where we could see the portraits of Hawaiian Royalty that lined the walls and enjoy the amazing acoustics in the high cathedral ceiling building.  I was touched by the communion hymn, “We Will Break Bread Together on Our Knees.”

Marge Terpstra, former missionary to Micronesia, gave an inspiring talk about her time in the islands.

When I mentioned to a member of the Women’s Board of Missions my desire to visit Pacific islands, she said they supported missionaries in Micronesia, and would be delighted to have us visit them to see how they were doing.  Micronesia! Fantastic!  Where is that?

They also said to contact the American branch of the German Liebenzell Mission because they had a school in the islands.  The Liebenzell Mission contact told us their college for lay church leaders was looking for teachers, could I teach a course there in Truk?  Of course!  Where is Truk? (Now called Chuuk)

micronesia-mapMicronesia, meaning “small islands,” is the area north of the Equator stretching from 2500 miles southwest of Hawaii across the western Pacific.  Micronesia is spread over 3 million miles of the Pacific and includes over 2000 islands.  The distance from one end of Micronesia to the other is 2,040 nautical miles.  The four main island groups of the Caroline Islands are, Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap, and are comprised of thousands of widely scattered small tropical islands.

So, we went! For how, why and where, come back to our blog next week.

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  1. Steve Grant

    I remember you mentioning truk long ago. You never let any opportunity go by. Quite the adventurer. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. Love from all the southern Grants.

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