27. God’s Provision for Housing

Unknown27.  God’s Provision for Housing

After the movie at the Palace Theater, we were met by an older couple in the lobby who inquired if I taught at the college.  That confirmed, they asked if we would be interested in house-sitting.  Our lease at the Low apartment was almost up, so yes, we would.  They asked us to follow them to their house.  Our first clue that something unusual was happening was when they drove away in an old Bentley, and headed up Halai Hill, an extinct cinder cone, – to the end of the street.

And so we met Mac and Mary MacEntire, and moved into the lower level apartment of their house while they went journeying around the world.

The house was perched on the side of the hill with a fantastic panoramic view of Hilo, the ocean, and cane fields behind us.  Our one bedroom apartment was behind the garage and workshop.  The main house was a flight of stairs up, and the gardener had a small apartment below us.images-1

Johnny, the gardener, worked at a papaya packing plant, and brought rejects for us to enjoy!  He also brought us wonderful avocados, bananas, oranges and pineapples from the yard.  Mac had anthuriums growing under fern trees, and huge beautiful orchids.

Mac was a self-made millionaire welder whose hobby was helping world sailboaters who ventured into Hilo Bay.  He had a telescope on the porch to check boaters arriving, and if they looked okay, he took his loaner jeep down and often brought them up for dinner and to share their stories of sailing the South Pacific.  We loved to be included!

How long would they be gone?  Until they got back!  And then it was okay to stay on rent free for a while in case they wanted to go again.  Their second trip was to the mainland U.S. to go “hunting” for blue glass in desert areas – Mary Mac collected blue glass and antique bottles they found.  This time, we were to pay “rent” – whatever the utilities were for the house while they were gone the first time.  I thought it was about $40 a month – so we paid that for the rent.

Our house sitting for the Macs lasted three years.  Thank you Lord for such delightful housing!

God’s provision – the house on the hill overlooking Hilo Bay.

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  1. Ruth baxter

    Wow what wonderful provision. I am looking for God;s provision for my daughter and son in law. They need a car and can only afford about $5,000 otal. Possibly someone has an old car that they are replacing with a new onebut the old car is still good. God provides for each of us in different ways. Please pray for their provision of a car.

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