39. A Dream Becomes a Reality

Keola - a Dream39.  A Dream Becomes a Reality

A dream is a daring adventure,
A journey to carry you far,
For when you hold a dream in your heart,
You surely can reach for a star!

A dream is a beautiful vision,
That looks beyond what you can see,
That lifts you and guides you,
To help you be all you can be.

A dream is your door to tomorrow,
Believing that it will come true.
A window that opens a future,
Where your dream is waiting for you.

We went looking for our dream one Sunday.  With Sunday the only day we could leave our apartment, we thought it would be fun to check out possibilities for “someday” getting a sailboat.  We visited the yacht clubs and ended up at La Mariana Sailing Club on Sand Island in Keehi Lagoon, where we paused for lunch.

I had just taken a bite of my sandwich when we spotted a pretty sailboat coasting into the dock.  I said, “There’s the kind of boat we ought to have someday.  I think I’ll go and ask them what kind it is.”  So, I said hello and that they certainly had a pretty boat, that we were boat shopping, and wondered what kind it was.  She said it was a Cal 20.  The lady invited Betty on board to look in the cabin.

Before we knew what was happening, the peanut butter sandwiches were stashed back into the bag and we were sailing down the lagoon.  By coincidence, the lady told us, she and her husband had just been talking about selling the boat because he had developed an allergy to salt water.  Betty grinned at me and I had the feeling that we were in deep water (both figuratively and literally).

A 20 ft. fiberglass sloop in the Midget Ocean Racing-Cruising Class; it was big enough and rugged enough to go out in the open sea and sail between the islands.  We bought it!

Her name was “Keola” which means “the life”. It seems like yesterday’s dream for a far tomorrow had arrived today!

Coming up next: Our sailing experiences – “Dockmanship”

6 thoughts on “39. A Dream Becomes a Reality

  1. Steve Grant

    Gods perfect timing. I remember all the time you both spent looking at sail boats even right here in Miami. Worked out the way it was suppose to, perfect. Another great adventure.

  2. Sherri Crane

    Thank you for the beautiful poem about our dreams. Through the stories you share I see God’s goodness and His providing in special ways–even for our dreams. Thank you.

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