Bob’s New Home in Heaven with Jesus

Betty here:  Bringing you up-to-date why you haven’t had any more posts on the blog from Bob.

July 25 was Bob’s birthday, and he is celebrating it in heaven with Jesus.

A series of miracles and coincidences (I call them God incidences) has happened in the last 3 months that prepared me to be a peace with Bob’s passing.

After my accident  March 23, when the car was totaled and I survived with minor injury – the very next day we got an advertisement about a new Independent living facility – (the Watermark) that I have been sharing about in my  posts on my Facebook page – Betty Hicks –  ( if you haven’t friended me).

Being curious, I looked at Watermark’s website, and told Bob I felt prompted we should check it out.

Here is a summary of what took place the next 2 months:

1.  April 23 – we toured the Watermark facility. We liked what we saw, and in faith, we put down a deposit.

2.  April 26 – the house went on the market and SOLD the next day.

3.  May 27 – got packed and moved to Watermark.

4.  June 23 – Bob went into the hospital.

5.  July 5 – Bob is in heaven with Jesus.

I could tell Bob was having more difficulty with muscle weakness and breathing.

I was at peace knowing Bob was in God’s hand in His time table.  Twice before, when Bob was a teenager and in 2016, he was not expected to live.

I am grateful we were prompted to make the move to Watermark, and had time to get settled and make friends with the residents and staff, before God was ready to take Bob home.

I have had 56 wonderful years of memories that Bob and I shared.  I have shared a few of those treasured  memories in the Zoom  memorial service we did on my Facebook page, and in the link below.

The fact that I am now in a place surrounded with very caring and supportive people has been a blessing.

I will continue sharing my experiences in my new home, and about the wonderful people that I have met and have become part of their family, on my Facebook page.   –  (Betty Hicks)

“Celebration of Life” memorial video

PS: The picture is the announcement the Watermark staff made.

Aloha and blessings,