76. Taiwan

76.   Taiwan

We arrived at the Taipei,Taiwan airport late at night, and were surprised to be met by a few Sunrider leaders and  Tei Fu and Oi Lin Chen, owners of Sunrider.   They informed us that we would stay in Taipei that night, and our luggage would be sent on ahead for tomorrow night, and to take out only what we needed for the night.

Next day, for three hours, our tour bus crept up narrow hairpin curves into the mountains of Taiwan.  We passed through a tiny village with waving shouting people, and fireworks exploding.  We later learned that it was Dr. Chen’s home town.  (Local boy makes good, huh!)  At the top, we walked down a long “avenue” of flags to the Sunrider pavilion where we were treated to displays by the villagers of crafts and games and tea making.  While the Chens led the group on a walking tour of the gardens, I watched two men in the pavilion processing mountain tea by hand.

The view of the valley below was magnificent, with a focus point of the elaborate village Buddhist temple standing grand against the sky.  Someone asked Dr. Chen what they would do if bugs got on the plants.  His response, “I guess we’d pick ‘em off.  Healthy plants do not attract bugs, just as healthy bodies do not attract disease.”

That night, back in Taipei, we had the first conference meeting at the huge Taipei multiple “gymnasium” — 5:00 to 10:30 PM.  It was February 22, the same day we left Hawaii on the trip.  We had crossed the International Date Line.

The biggest impression of our time in Taiwan, was the people we met and shared food with.  Everyone had a different story, but overlapping, because Sunrider whole food botanicals had changed their lives!  Some stories were heart warming, some were miraculous!  And, we certainly got a chance to “check out” the Chens up close, and see where they came from.

I think the tour packager forgot to schedule much sleep time, because we were up early and off to Hong Kong for the second part of the conference.  All I knew about Hong Kong was that it was a British Protectorate, on the edge of China, and was a global shopping destination.