75. Discovering “Why” Florida

75 Discovering “Why” Florida

Betty and I were looking for help for her mother, and went to a health food store named “Scriptural Nutrition” for a free consultation with the nutritionist.  We were impressed enough to go back for a consult ourselves.  The nutritionist was Dale Boyll, who ran the store with his wife Deb.  Dale introduced us to whole food, and specifically, whole food concentrates from Sunrider International.  Dale also taught what the Bible had to say about food and being healthy.

It was the whole foods that turned me around.  I was going “down hill,” but the new nutrition got us off “chemical cuisine,” and I noticed new energy and mental acuity.  We signed up to be distributors of Sunrider, a network marketing company, to buy the products at wholesale.

In the Sunrider magazine, there was an announcement of a trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong for Directors and above in February.  I put the page on our dream board.

My sister Jan was impressed by my improvement, and started eating Sunrider foods.  We shared with our families and some friends, and to our surprise, two months later, we made Director rank and qualified for the trip.  Our Amway business in Hawaii had dried up, so we decided to take the trip to Taiwan to meet the Chens, owners of Sunrider, and check out the company before committing to Sunrider, and giving up Amway.

We were delighted that Jan, and a friend of hers, would go along on their own to share the experience!  We left early to stop and rest and visit friends in Hawaii, and Jan would meet us in Taiwan, when the Sunrider groups were to arrive.

Being “home” in Hawaii again after three years was fantastic!  We stayed with friends, and visited as many as possible in the ten busy days there.  Sunday service at Kalihi Union church was special.  The pastor called attention to our being there.  Attending a Christian Vision meeting with the Hongos was nostalgic.

Then, it was time to go on to Taiwan.  The Chens had given everyone going to the conference a beautiful red jacket, with the message to wear them for the trip so we would be recognized at the Taipei airport, and assisted through customs.

On the way to the Honolulu airport, Betty expressed our feeling of apprehension.  Here we were, going alone to a foreign county; we did not speak the language, and the flight arrived late at night.  Would there be anyone to meet us?

When we arrived at the gate at the Honolulu airport, Betty gave a big sigh of relief.  The waiting area was full of people wearing red jackets!  We had connected with the Hawaii Sunrider group!  We were greeted like part of the family.  We settled in for the 5000 mile, fourteen hour flight to Taiwan.

Join us next for our Taiwan adventure.


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