68. Choice or Not?

68.  Choice or Not?

It was 1989 when a guest speaker from our Amway organization made a statement that was the catalyst that brought about a major change in our lives.

Every month Amway held a meeting in Hawaii for distributors, and brought in a guest speaker.  We usually came away from the meetings uplifted and encouraged, but this time the reaction was different – especially for Betty.  I’ll let her tell the story.

Betty here:

When we got home from the meeting, we discussed what Dave, the Amway Diamond said:

“You are where you are in life by choice. If you don’t like where you are – you have the power to change.”

My reaction was one of anger at the first part – how can he say that – as I began listing the frustrating situations we were in!  They certainly were NOT by our choice!

1.  Bob’s health was going downhill – he was now on 1/4 time teaching, and contemplating giving up teaching all together.
2.  Our Amway business was not bringing in the income to support us if Bob had to resign.
3.  We were counting our pennies at the checkout at the grocery store, and sometimes needed to return an item to pay for the groceries.

I collapsed on the floor, tears of frustration flowing down my cheeks, and cried out loud to God and Bob.  “I don’t care what it takes – if we have to, (1) sell our home, (2) leave Hawaii, (3) give up on Amway.  If it will get us out of this mess, I’m ready!”

Little did I realize the power of those word!  Three months later all three of the things I said were happening!

Stay tuned to our next few blog posts to see how choosing change pushed us into another major move that was “not by choice”.

As I think about that time – I realize the full meaning of what Dave said.  In order for God to move in our lives – we sometimes need to let go of what we think is important, and let God work his perfect plan.  We needed to trust God that he had better things for us.

“You are where you are in life by choice. If you don’t like where you are – you have the power to change.”

Today I realize we make hundreds of choices each day that over the days and years, add up to where we are today.  We choose how we start each day, what to eat, how we spend our time and money, who we associate with, how we respond to challenges, and so on.