66. Sea Life Park – Dolphins Ahoy

66.  Sea Life Park – Dolphins Ahoy

A rough storm put one of the two power plants on Oahu out of commission, and the island power company put us on a 4 hour rolling blackout.  We had 4 hours of electricity, and then none for 4 hours.

Coincidently, Betty’s brother Jim and wife Nancy, and their friends Jim and Gloria, came to visit.  With reasonable planning, we still tried to show them some genuine Hawaiian experiences.  One day, we went to spend the day at Sea Life Park. In the afternoon, we went to the inside pool for a show by the trained dolphins.

The trainer announced that the electricity to the pool area, including the underwater speakers, was unavailable.  In order to keep the dolphins on schedule, they were going to try to do the show anyway.  There was no guarantee that the dolphins would perform with hand signals only.

No problem!  The trainer clapped her hands, then began the hand signals.  The dolphins never missed a beat.  They did their spins in the air, and “walked” on the water, right on cue.  At the end of the show, the trainer told us she was surprised, and we had learned a new thing. The dolphins could see her hand motions and do their act without any sound.

Time for supper!  Sea Life Park did an authentic Hawaiian luau.  We sat at tables in a big tent.  (It rains in Hawaii)  The menu was perfect.  First Kalua pig, (We got to see them unwrap the pig from roasting in a pit) then, raw diced ahi tuna, laulau, (pieces of pork and salted fish wrapped in taro leaves – steamed), poi, (pulverized taro) and baked sweet potato.  Dessert was Haupia, a cornstarch solidified coconut milk pudding.

After the luau, friend Jim said, “Where can we go to get something to eat?”