59. Christian Vision Ministry

59.  Christian Vision Ministry

Christian Vision was approved in record time by the State of Hawaii as a non-profit corporation, and tax-exemption by the IRS to support the ministry of music.  Randy and Gay’s record album “He Is  Alive” was officially released at a launch concert in March.  The release concert was fantastic!  Standing room only; chairs in the aisles; Randy and Gay gave an inspired performance!!

Randy and Gay gave concerts on the other major islands, and at several churches in California.  Betty went with them to Hilo to handle record sales, and we both went to Maui, and a conference on Kauai to help out and have a little “vacation”.

On Kauai, Randy and Gay were leaders in a young adults conference at a church in Hanalei, the last little town at the end of the island.  It was like stepping back a century into old Hawaii.  The programs were held in the church hall built in 1841.

The weekend conference seemed like one long luau with a few interruptions for meetings and programs.  What a fun time!  All the traditional Hawaiian foods… kalua pig baked overnight in the imu (ground oven): along with sweet potatoes, poi (smashed taro), raw fish; chicken hekka (marinated in soy sauce with bean thread noodles and vegetables: haupia (coconut pudding); salted butterfish in taro leaves; teriyaki beef;….and always with singers and hula dancers. Good stuff!  Believe it or not, I even like poi now.

Betty was busy keeping the books, handling record sales, and doing PR work for Christian Vision.  In less than a year, the records and tapes paid for themselves, and with no advertising, were requested and sent out to people around the world.  Tapes were sent to missionaries in Africa, Micronesia, and Japan, and to others in Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Alaska and many states on the mainland US.

There were surprise perks of following Randy and Gay:

Imagine Sunday service sitting on the sand at Waikiki Beach listening to the preacher of the Beach Chaplalncy in shorts and T-shirt preach the Gospel to tourists in bikinis.  Randy and Gay sang, and the soft breeze fooled us in to thinking we were not getting sunburned.

We went to an invitation only breakfast program with Billy Graham.

Christmas Eve, we decided to join Randy and Gay, and our Christian Vision group at the Halekulani Hotel lounge, where Randy was playing piano.  Can you imagine singing traditional Christian Christmas carols in a bar in a plush Waikiki hotel?  Even our hula dancers did a number to a Christmas carol.  We got a kick out of seeing hotel guests coming in with a quizzical look to join in the unusual music in the lounge.

Randy invited us to come again New Year’s Eve for the hotel’s party.  We usually stay home, but couldn’t resist New Year’s Eve at the Halekulani.  As midnight approached, we moved out of the lounge on the large lanai.  A waitress gave me a cardboard top hat, and noise makers were passed out. Surrounded by beautiful women, I was anticipating the traditional midnight kiss.  At midnight, fireworks exploded off the beach, and a “sound-like” Guy Lombardo band played Auld Lang Syne.  I did get several kisses – Hawaiian style, on the cheek.

Memories of fun times!   More coming.

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  1. Sue Sauer

    Bob & Betty, your experiences are amazing. What memories! It’s a blessing [2nd hand] just to try to visualize your experiences and imagine the delicious food fragrances. Makes me hungry, just to think of a luau! 🙂

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