42. Anchoring off Waikiki

Diamond Head Waikiki Beach42.  Anchoring off Waikiki

At last!  We ventured out the channel and sailed upwind past Honolulu Harbor and Magic Island to Waikiki Beach.  We gazed at the row of shining hotels along Waikiki Beach curving in a friendly smile of Aloha along the sea.

Sailing off Diamond HeadWe dropped anchor in front of majestic Diamond Head, and searched the green jungle of Tantalus Mountain rising behind Honolulu to see if we could spot our new home hiding in the trees.

Betty tied the anchor line on the bow cleat just the way I taught her, but backwards.  We were offshore of Waikiki, outside of the swells, but close enough to hear the music from the hotels. I particularly enjoyed the Dixieland Jazz band at the Hilton Rainbow Tower.

The water was crystal clear and about 30 ft deep.  Betty and I snorkeled together and scoured the sand bottom for any objects, and watched the occasional small fish.  I made it a habit to follow the anchor line out to see how the anchor was set – so I could judge how to lift it when we were ready to leave.Bob & Betty snorkeling

Time to head home.  Betty climbed on board, and called for me to come.  As I swam toward Keola, I realized I was not getting closer.  The anchor line had slipped off the cleat, and Keola was being blown out to sea faster than I could swim!  My mind raced!  Should I swim to shore and call the Coast Guard?  The base was in Honolulu Harbor close by, and they could dispatch a boat to catch Betty.

I yelled at Betty to raise the jib and sail around to get up momentum to come back and pick me up.  Our practice in the lagoon paid off as she got Keola moving and did the pickup maneuver perfectly!  Whew!

We sailed back and forth across the area, and after failing to spot the white anchor line on the bottom, we headed back to the Marina.  Thank the Lord for protecting us that day!  Thereafter, we never went snorkeling without someone on board.  Another lesson learned!