41. Dockmanship 2 – Mooring

Saillboat at dock41.  Dockmanship 2 – Mooring

Back on the water again, we continued sailing in the lagoon to gain more skill handling the boat, and getting more experience mooring.

We sailed into the marina corridor to our slip, and dropped the sails as we turned into our slip – obviously, too soon.  The prevailing wind blows out of our slip, and slowly pushed us to a stop!  We drifted sideways across the corridor into an open slip on the other side.  There wasn’t enough room to get the sail up and get underway again, and it takes too long to get the outboard out and mounted. ooooh!  No!

Somehow we ended up broadside alongside the dock across two slips with the slip sideline wrapped around Keola’s keel.  I heard the rumbling of feet running on the dock as a group of men came scrambling from the Mariana Clubhouse to our rescue.  A discussion arose as to how to get us untangled.

At that moment, to add to the excitement, the sailboat with the owner of the slip we were tangled in arrived.  He sailed back and forth like a waiting shark while shouting back and forth with the men helping us.  They shouted, “Go back out fifteen minutes, while we clear your slip!”

Our rescuers untied the slip sideline and pulled it out from under Keola, and then took a line across the corridor and pulled us over to our slip.  When the owner of the slip across returned, he discovered his sideline was untied and started yelling  #@!%$# oops!

To top off my embarrassment, the leader of the rescue group said, “By the way, I’m Jim, the Harbor Master here, let me know if you need help.”Catchline

Fortuitously, God gave me a little ingenuity to solve the problem of getting safely into our slip, and mooring.  I tied a catch-line across the slip from sideline to sideline, so when we came into the slip, Betty would pick up the catch-line with a boathook, so the bow of the boat was caught and stopped before reaching the dock.  We found that we could barrel in at considerable speed and still stop safely a few inches from the dock.

We’ve been practicing sailing inside the lagoon.  I taught Betty how to bring the boat about, and in the unlikely situation that I fall overboard, to bring the boat up to an object from downwind for a pickup – Be Prepared!  Boy Scout training!

Next, we venture out to the Pacific Ocean and up the coast to Waikiki and Diamond Head.