82. Climbing The Great Wall of China

82.  Climbing THE GREAT WALL of China

At the bottom of the steps leading up to THE GREAT WALL, I waved at Dale, for help.  I grabbed the back of his belt, and we began walking up with me balancing with one hand on the side of the wall.  At the first tower, Dale and Debbie took off, and I stood alone.  I looked at the steel step ladder leading to the top of the guard tower, and wondered, “Have I  come far enough?”   Then I remembered the words of Pian, saw my chance, and climbed the ladder!  I stepped out on rough stones and gazed at one of the great wonders of the world, THE GREAT WALL of China!

From the top of the tower we had a magnificent view in both directions.  Guard towers were spread out about every 100 yards, and interrupted the ant-like flow of thousands of people from all over the world, including hundreds of our fellow Sunriders.  Then the sun broke through the haze to highlight our incredible experience!  Betty took a picture of me from below, then climbed up to join me.

Time to leave, and the ladder was jammed with people.  How would we get down the ladder?  Two portly Japanese tourists loaded with cameras and bags were jockeying to get on the ladder.  As one man started down the ladder, he said something that the other did not like.  The second man followed down the ladder and started a fight.  Security guards intervened, but for the moment, the ladder was empty, and Betty and I got down easily.

There were no Sunders in sight, and I was having trouble negotiating the steeper walk down with my cane, but help was nearby.  Betty motioned to a couple of security guards that I needed help.  They grabbed my arms, and helped me all the way back down to the foot of THE WALL.  Betty took a picture of me being helped by the guards on THE GREAT WALL of China!

Our bus driver Pian was horrified when Betty shared about her taking a picture of the guards helping me down THE WALL.  “You did what! They didn’t take your camera?  You could have been arrested!  You never take pictures of the police!”

Another day with an amazing experience of climbing THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, one of the seven wonders of the world!  We had some Divine provision to make it up and down the tower ladder, and guards standing by to help me walk down the steep incline to the bottom of THE WALL!

6 thoughts on “82. Climbing The Great Wall of China

  1. John White

    Climbed the Great Wall. Very cool! And so glad you weren’t arrested, Betty, I don’t think you would have liked a Chinese prison.

  2. Aileen Chinen

    Wow! Took me a while to get to my emails..but I’m really impressed that you and Betty climbed the Great Wall! 🙂 For me, I was huffing and puffing…climbing that Wall was a challenge for me. And it’s amazing neither were arrested or cameras taken. I think those guards had had lots of experience about people taking their pictures, so it was nothing to them by then… and tourists were everywhere snapping away. But being in such a country is…well…puts foreigners on edge at times, especially the year I was there (1982(?) or 84(?) (forget)), so I tried staying away from guards.

  3. Kara Grant

    Hi Unc: Happy birthday. Are you sure of the guards intentions. It looks like they may have thought about arresting you,one guy on each arm. You must have charmed them with your wit, in a non verbal kind of communication, ha

  4. Sue Sauer

    Amazing experience, Bob. So glad you two were able to be there and experience that, and with help, too. Bless those who helped!

  5. Barbara Wright

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my friends, who took me to the wall, in the Poconos for a brief visit. They had come up from SC for the weekend. This weekend they will be off to Shanghai.

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