34. No Place to Live

Naniloa Hotel
34.   No Place to Live

No place to live!  Now what do we do?

One of my students told me he and his girlfriend were moving out of a duplex apartment at the end of the term.  It had a bed and a refrigerator — a bit spartan, but cheap.  My memory is $100 per month.  We got it!

The duplex was located on hotel row next to the Naniloa Hotel in Liliuokalani Park right on Hilo Bay.  Coincidentally, it was tucked in back of the Lanai Motel, where we stayed our first night in Hilo.

The apartment was cheap because it was a condemned building waiting to be torn down.  It had a refrigerator, but no stove.  We got an electric skillet and a card table, and borrowed a couple of folding chairs from school.  The lady in the other half had an oven so we traded muffins for baking privileges.

We were about ten feet from the water and could watch the big freighters pass by our bedroom window as they headed for the pier across the Bay.  In the evening, we listened to the Hawaiian music from the lounge at the Naniloa Hotel.

One of my older students who knew it was our last year, and that we had no direction for where to go, asked if I had considered going back to school.  Back to school!  I was good at school, that sounded like a God-sent idea!

A check with the main campus of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu revealed they were looking for a part time Assistant Debate Coach, with 1/2 time teaching the basic course in Speech Communication.  God was working, I got the job!  And, I was accepted into the Master’s degree program in speech communication.

Another “sign” of God working to expedite our departure from Hilo – our lot sold fast, at twice what we paid for it!

4 thoughts on “34. No Place to Live

  1. Bob Hicks Post author

    Steve – We were in luxury compared to sleeping with the cows in PR.
    Yep loved my students (mostly) , and I guess most liked me – I gave high grades. ho ho

    Thanks for commenting.


  2. Steve Grant

    Living in a condemned hotel, I guess sleeping on the ground in Viegues, PR, and waking up with cows grazing on top of us, might have been a step up from your place. Sounds like your students were quite fond of you, no surprise at all.

  3. Bob Hicks Post author

    Yes – the home we found when we moved to Honolulu is another whole miracle story which will be coming up in another post soon. An incredible place!

  4. Ruth baxter

    Interesting place to live. Were you able to find another place when you got the job ?

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