32. God Calling!

God Calling, question mark32.  God Calling!

In our forth year in Hilo, we heard God calling!   I had earned a merit wage increase and honor for my creative teaching program.  We decided we loved the place, and we would stay.  We purchased a unique corner lot in a new subdivision above Hilo, and I designed a dream home suited for the locale to have a view down the mountain to Hilo Bay.  One of the sailors that we met was John Lavery, an exceptional builder who had stopped in Hilo to build homes.  John made blueprints, and would build our dream home.

Betty had substituted a few times at Hilo High School, and when a position in Home Economics opened, she applied.  The school principle assured Betty that as soon as the School Board met, he was sure she would get the job.

At the bank, the manager told us that as soon as Betty got the job, a mortgage for our home would be simple to process.

The Provost called me to his office, and handed me an envelope which I assumed would be a letter recommending me for tenure — a permanent job to secure our staying in Hilo.  Instead, it was a notice of a one year terminal contract!  One more year to teach in Hilo, and then, I WAS PAU! (Pau in Hawaiian = finished; done!)

Next day, while we were still recovering from the shock, the high school principle called to tell Betty that an “Auntie” of someone on the School Board had been given the job.  He was sorry.

Mac told us he was selling the house; he was building a new, smaller house around the hill, and we would need to find another place to stay.

I woke up!  God calling!  Our plans all collapsed like dominos!  Too much happening all at once to be a coincidence, no jobs, no place to stay, no house, now what?  We went and talked to the pastor of the church we had attended, and he agreed, apparently God had other plans for us.

Our prayers were mostly, “What do we do now?”

To be continued!


3 thoughts on “32. God Calling!

  1. Joe Iannone

    I know exactly that feels and being in a similar situation. However I have learned even thiugh God doesn’t move a mountain I need Him to move or part waters I need to elk through or answer Him when I call out to Him, I will and always trust in Him with my future and steps in life.

  2. Bob Hicks Post author

    We didn’t know what was coming yet – but it definitely was a better plan. 🙂 What’s in store will be coming soon.

  3. Ruth baxter

    I’ve gone thru those types of situations. God always has a plan but we just don’t know about it. He is ever faithful. I am anxious to hear what was in store for you.

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