33. Setting the Sail in Winds of Adversity

 Winds of Adversity33. Setting the Sail in Winds of Adversity

The winds of circumstances blow constantly on all of us as we live our lives.  We plan, we work, we dream; and then the winds of adversity, disappointment, heartache, and discouragement hit us and things change.  We are buffeted by turbulent storms  that force a change in destination, and our plans and dreams are blown away.

All of us have challenges and adversity that change our direction, whether it be an illness, an accident, job related, or a broken relationship.  Adverse circumstances happen to us all.  We all have reversals and obstacles and moments when, in spite of all our efforts, our plans and dreams seem to fall apart.  It is not what happens that determines the quality and outcome of our lives.  It is how we respond!

The winds change.  We must change!  We must “right the ship” and reset the sails, and steer toward a new destination.  It is the set of the sail, how we think, and how we respond to adversity that can either destroy our lives, or steer us in a positive direction to a better destination.

When I was paralyzed by encephalitis, it did not occur to me that I might not get well.*   That was youthful ignorance, not faith, but God was providing the direction.

When my job was terminated in Hilo**, I had matured enough to recognize that God was blowing winds of change, and though it was not our choice, we had to reset our sails and set a new course.

We can learn to discipline our thinking and develop a positive attitude of trusting God, so when the winds of life change, we can change and have faith that our situation will be better than we can ever imagine!

Read: Proverbs 3:5-6

*refer back to post #6
** previous post # 32

Is there a time in your life when you had to “reset the sails” that led to better things?

2 thoughts on “33. Setting the Sail in Winds of Adversity

  1. Barbara

    Our life’s changed so many times from birth to death. How we ride with the wind can make or break us.Thanks to the people who have helped me with the sails in life.

  2. Sandy

    In life we always have a change. But if you accept this and move on positively, we can be better for it. When I got divorced and had to be on my own – that was a big change for me.

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