28. Living on a Cinder Cone

28.   Living on a Cinder ConeUnknown

The MacEntire house was perched on the side of an old extinct volcanic cinder cone called Halai Hill. However, we learned that when lava moved below the mountain it could affect different areas above — like where we were.

One morning we awoke when the house started to vibrate, and we were like dice in a shaker.  We could hear Mary Mac’s glass collections falling upstairs.  EARTHQUAKE!

We jumped out of bed and ran to the street in case the house slipped from it’s hillside perch! When the house (and street) stopped shaking, we went upstairs to check Mary’s glass treasures.  To our surprise, all the little vases had fallen onto a rug, and nothing was broken. Whew!  To give an idea of the vigor of the shaking, a jar of mayonnaise in the refrigerator had tipped over.

We were “shaken up” but no harm done — another experience of living in Hawaii.

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  1. Sandy

    I dont think i would be comfortable stsying in the house after experiencing that. Your a very trusting sole. But the view must have been awsome.

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