2. God’s Protection

toy rifle

2. God’s Protection

When I was seven or eight, playing alone on Grandpa’s farm, I did a lot of “pretend” games. One day I was playing “Commando” climbing in the big maple tree across the driveway from the kitchen door of the big house.

My Commando popgun rifle was strapped over my shoulder as I climbed down from the tree. I had to slide through a forked branch and then drop to the ground. When I slid through the forked branch, my hand slipped, and the popgun caught on the branch, with the shoulder strap around my neck. I was trapped; and about to be strangled if I let go of the branch! I could not pull myself up enough to free my neck from the strap tight around my throat.

By God’s provision, my dad was passing through the kitchen, and looked out the screen door to see my plight. He slammed through the door, leaped off the porch, and ran to wrap his arms around my legs and lift me up so I could get the gun strap off. Daddy lowered me to the ground, and said, “No more tree climbing today.”

Have you had a frightening experience? Would you share?

Has God protected you, or wrapped His arms around you as a loving Father to save you?