2. God’s Protection

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2. God’s Protection

When I was seven or eight, playing alone on Grandpa’s farm, I did a lot of “pretend” games. One day I was playing “Commando” climbing in the big maple tree across the driveway from the kitchen door of the big house.

My Commando popgun rifle was strapped over my shoulder as I climbed down from the tree. I had to slide through a forked branch and then drop to the ground. When I slid through the forked branch, my hand slipped, and the popgun caught on the branch, with the shoulder strap around my neck. I was trapped; and about to be strangled if I let go of the branch! I could not pull myself up enough to free my neck from the strap tight around my throat.

By God’s provision, my dad was passing through the kitchen, and looked out the screen door to see my plight. He slammed through the door, leaped off the porch, and ran to wrap his arms around my legs and lift me up so I could get the gun strap off. Daddy lowered me to the ground, and said, “No more tree climbing today.”

Have you had a frightening experience? Would you share?

Has God protected you, or wrapped His arms around you as a loving Father to save you?

4 thoughts on “2. God’s Protection

  1. Sue Sauer

    Oh, Bob! How wonderfully God protected you and showed your dad at that perfect time that you needed help! I wonder sometimes how often I’ve been protected, possibly having made a little detour or hopped in the car later than planned, never knowing God had assured that I’d miss an accident [had I been on time]. How grateful I am!

  2. Sandy Buck

    Bob, I had an experience with my brothers car. It was my job to take my dad to work every day. He worked construction while my brothers ran the farms. Well this particular day I took my dad to work came home and got my brothers up. And had to get the vows to the barn for milking. I can still hear my brother day just go slow behind them snd toot the horn they will move to the barn. Not!!! So I got out of the car to pick up stones sndd throw at the stubborn cows. Well they would go and stop every few feet. Ugh!!! I happened to look back at the car and it was backing up I thought my brother was in it. Not!! Then it started going forward right into our pond oh my was I in big trouble!! I screamed and yelled for help. My brother came running just as the var went under with the biggest bubbles I have ever seen. We did get the car out that night and we still laugh about this today!!

  3. Sherri

    Thank you for sharing your stories Bob and how your Heavenly father saved you. In response to your question, yes, I too had a frightening experience. When I had Lyme Disease from the result of a tick bite, my heart started to be affected as well as my ability to breathe. My loving Heavenly Father intervened in ways that I could not have planned out myself. He protected me and lovingly saved me. I thank Him for saving me. Thank you for your writing.

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