19. Teaching at Hilo College

images-119. Teaching at the Hilo College 

Al Yonan and I shared an office with one desk, two chairs and jalousie windows – always open.  We looked out on a lawn with one apparently dead stick sticking up in the middle.  Nine months later, a leaf poked out, then a pod, then a fantastic beautiful flower – it was a Bombax.  Then, it was gone, just the stick waiting for another year to pass.

My teaching assignment was the required Speech 145, AND, surprise – to teach all local students to speak Standard American English –  like me, assuming that was what I spoke.

First, I had to learn in what ways the local students spoke “pidgin”, the local dialect.  All students had to be tested – whew!

Trying to teach correct pronunciation to so many local students seemed a daunting task until I had the brilliant idea to recruit other students to help.  I was allowed 5 teaching aids, girls who were planning to be teachers, to work with me.  I taught them a course in Linguistics, and made sure they spoke perfectly.

Ester, one of the girls, went on to get a doctorate, and returned to thank me for her instruction.  She got a job in California teaching English to Japanese students.  She had the confidence to reassure a Japanese student that even though she was of Japanese heritage, she was speaking and teaching perfect Standard American English.  Ester later became a Professor at Michigan State University, my alma mater.

I was pleased, and proud, to receive a merit wage increase for the innovative peer teaching program.  The instructor I was replacing extended her leave, so we stayed on a second year.

Then Al moved to Oahu, the department expanded, and I was asked to stay on – hurrah!

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  1. Sandy

    You sure had a great teaching experience. And the flower reminds me of the flowers on a mamosa tree like feathers of different colors. In Mo.

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