18. Liliuokalani Park, Hawaii

Mauna Kea snow18. Liliuokalani Park, Hawaii

Occasionally we went to Liliuokalani Park for a picnic and to take pictures. The park is 30 acres of beautiful Japanese gardens with bridges, statues, and waterways on Hilo Bay.

Liliuokalani Gardens Hilo

One day there was a beautiful view of Mauna Kea when the clouds lifted to show the snow on top. Headline in the Hilo newspaper – “SCHOOLS CLOSED BECAUSE OF SNOW”.

There was snow down to the 10,000 ft level, so they closed schools and bused the kids up to play in the snow. A trucking company brought loads of snow down to a park by Hilo bay and dumped piles of snow for the kids to play in. It quickly became cold slush, but the kids still jumped around in it barefoot –  (Who has shoes in Hawaii? )

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