16. City of Refuge

 City of Refuge - tiki 16.  City of Refuge

One weekend we did a round the island tour.  On the western shore and off the beaten track was the City of Refuge.  Now a park, it was the site where, up until the early 19th century, Hawaiians who broke a kapu (taboo or law), could seek refuge inside a 10 ft high, 1000 ft long stone wall made of lava rocks.

City of Refuge 2Commoners who got too close to the chief or touched his belongings, or even let their shadow fall where he was walking could be put to death!  It was thought that these offenses angered the gods.  The offender would be absolved by a priest and was then free to leave.  Defeated warriors and non-combatants could also find refuge here during times of battle.



Betty and I were intrigued by the ancient Hawaiian tiki gods that were supposed to protect the site from intruders.  There were also times when they demonstrated making dugout hulls for the outrigger canoes.

There was an ancient stone table with Konane, the Hawaiian checkers 2Hawaiian checker game.  Pieces of white coral and black lava fill all the shallow holes in an alternating pattern. the object, like checkers, is to jump the opponents pieces and remove them until one player can no longer jump, and is the loser.

I loved to play checkers when I was a kid.  My Dad and I played until I beat him, and then we switched to chess.  I was Checker Champion in Junior High School.

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  1. Sandy

    My dad loved to play dominos i never got the hang of it till layer on in years. It’s a nice game. Your game is also nice with lava rocks different.

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