Once I Was A Kid

Once I Was A Kid With the Wild Things On the Farm

It all began when…

I raised my foot to stomp on the ants on the big rock by the house, when Mom grabbed my arm and said, “Wait!  How would you feel if you looked up to see that giant shoe coming down on you?”  I squinted my eyes shut as I looked up into the bright summer sky, and imagined the bottom of my tennis shoe gradually filling the sky above me. Scary!

Mom and I got down on our hands and knees and watched the ants going back and forth. She asked, “What do you suppose those ants are doing?  Look at that one, he’s carrying something. Maybe it’s food for the queen. Imagine how important you would feel if you were carrying food for the queen!”

Yes!  Imagine!  Imagine, indeed!  My lifelong journey with imagination, and empathy for God’s living things had begun. 

Come enjoy with me some fun things I did, and happy days I had, as a child growing up on my grandfather’s farm, in the whole ebook: Once I Was A Kid With the Wild Things On the Farm.



In Once I Was a Kid, Robert Z. Hicks shares stories from his childhood adventures growing up on a farm in Michigan during the ’40’s. Whether or not you lived in that era, and whether or not you lived on a farm, you will love the warm and humorous stories from Bob’s memories. 

Bob’s encounters with cows, bees, birds, raccoons, skunks, and many more of God’s creatures will entertain both children and adults. His sometimes hilarious encounters with God’s creatures will stir your imagination.

In between the stories, Bob treats us with his gift for rhyme with humorous, poignant, and delightful rhyming stories written as he relished the memories from his childhood. 

Step back in time and imagine when life was sweet and innocent, and sometimes spiced with a bit of mischief here and there.”

Crystal Bowman, best-selling Christian children’s author


I enjoyed reading Robert Z Hicks book Once I was A Kid, With the Wild Things On the Farm. As I read, I was reminded of similar events in my life. I enjoyed the lessons he learned from his mother as she introduced him to nature and the science of living things.

Readers of all ages will enjoy traveling with Robert Z Hicks back into the days of his youth as he grew up on the family farm.

Berta Ulm


ebook  106 pages

ISBN:  978-1-38620-571-5  (digital)

Available at Barnes & Noble (Nook), Amazon (Kindle),  Apple (iBooks)