#1 Watermark


What happened to Blogger Bob? Our internet service got cancelled – and I’ll explain why – as we begin another major adventure for Bob and Betty.

It began in March. It started as a routine day when Betty left to go shopping.  Then the phone rang. Betty called from the Medical Center ER to tell me she had an accident, and was at ER getting stitches in her forehead, and her lip glued together. “I’m okay”. The car collision triggered the airbag, which had smashed into her face. I also learned her nose was fractured, and probably so was her big toe. “Okay’? REALLY? 

At that moment, a knock on the door interrupted, and I opened to let in two EMT men bringing Betty’s packages from the car. The told me the car was “totaled” and had been towed. The car was totaled, and Betty says she is okay. WHEW!  All I could do was wait and pray.

What a relief when a cab pulled up and Betty came in the door. She had a black eye and a sore big toe. The miracle was she was not wearing glasses when the airbag hit her face. Betty has worn glasses all her adult life, but her eye check last year showed she was seeing 20 20 without glasses. She gives credit to the nutraceutical supplements we have been using for 2 1/2 years. 

The next day, our neighbor Jim took Betty to our eye doctor to check for damage. Her eyes were labeled “beautiful” with no damage to the retina or the gel-like fluid that protects the retina.  In fact, we learned that the gel-like fluid shrinks as we age, but in Betty’s case, the doctor said her eyes looked nice and healthy, and the gel was intact!  Again, we credit the nutraceuticals we use.

In the mail the next day — COINCIDENCE? — was a mass- mailed postcard 

inviting the reader to visit the new WATERMARK Independent Living at Town Center, Trinity. 

Out of curiosity, we looked at the website. It looked amazing!  Long list of amenities, a gourmet restaurant, and a big protected pool looked interesting to me. Betty called and requested their information packet.  Then she said to me; “ I think God is telling us to move.” I covered my face with my hands, and replied: “ARE YOU SERIOUS!”

(I knew moving to an upscale facility was impossible, not feasible, improbable, and unlikely, so I agreed to look at it.)  

We didn’t even have a car to go look at it. That’s another story. So I’ll continue next time.

PS.  If you are curious – here is the website of the Watermark  https://trinity.watermarkcommunities.com/living-choices/independent-living-at-the-town-center/