Whole Body Challenge summary report – 5/28

Whole Body Challenge summary report – May 28, 2020

My before and after pictures will not portray my progress like the other participants, because my goal was not to lose weight, but to gain muscle weight, and have better body mobility and strength.  For weekly reports, I posted videos of me doing various exercises in my routine.

For me the whole body challenge does not end on May 31. 

In 1950, when I was 15 years old, I was almost completely paralyzed by encephalitis, a virus in the spine and brain wall fluids. The virus left me with muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle spasticity, loss of balance, and unequal muscle tension that gradually caused severe scoliosis.

Now, I am 84 years old and dealing with post-encephalitis syndrome, a recurrence of the same symptoms. Daily exercise has been a necessity, at first for the recovery from the disease over a 10 year period.  For 9 years in the middle, I walked without any supporting devices.  In 1980, I began losing my balance, and I had to start using a cane again. The post-encephalitic symptoms have forced me to move to crutches, then to using a rolling walker, and now, a power chair.

Regrettably, I tended to exercise only as much as I could get by with, rather than to build my body.  I signed up in the Whole Body Challenge in order to intensify my workouts, set some goals, and plan a workout that would help me progress, rather than just get by and slowly go down hill.

After starting the Gel in August of 2018, I was sleeping better, had more body flexibility, and had more strength to walk with a 4 wheel walker.  Friends came twice a week to give me an assist standing up, and to be my “spotter” while I walked.

I added KG 4 when we learned that it was whole body nutrition on one of Thomas DeLeuer’s videos.  I added KetoDay and KetoNight because I was having digestive issues, and these products helped metabolism.

The Whole Body Challenge has helped me get an organized exercise program, and helped me log in measurable progress in strength, mobility, and weight gain.

I have achieved my goals of more strength and mobility!


Leg lifts.  3 sets of 10 — started at 2 sets of 5

Full squats. 25    started at 6

Walking with walker. 100 yards — started at 40 yards

Stepper 100 — started at 20

Weight gain. 2 lbs — started at 132 lbs.  Ended at 135 lbs

Now that I have a program that has improved my quality of life, and demonstrated that I can continue to make progress, I will continue to do the exercises as a lifetime routine.  I have set new goals, and will aim to be able to walk unassisted with the walker.

We love the SomaDerm Gel and the Keto products, and they are now a part of our life!

I was surprised, and greatly affirmed by the amount of encouragement and support by a large number of other Whole Body Challenge participants. We have met new friends, and look forward to developing new relationships in the New U Life family.

Betty and I feel blessed that we were introduced to New U Life, and to Alexy Goldstein.  Alexy and the products he has created have given us hope of a long and higher quality of life!  Thank you Alexy!

I am blessed by all of you who respond to my posts with your comments and encouragement!    Thank you.