Upside Down These Days?

As I sit at our dining room table, I can see a lizard on the sliding glass door that opens to the back yard. Usually she is hanging upside down, waiting very still for a bug to hit the door, then dashes to try to catch it.”

Isn’t that like our life now – we are hanging upside down, frozen in place, waiting for something to come to us. But God encourages us to “press on”. (Phil 3:14) ” press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Now is the time to evaluate our life and anticipate what good things we can do when the upside down time is over. Do you have a dream that has been put on the shelf?  Are there people who need to hear that you love them?  Don’t wait – do the important things now before it is too late, and you are left with regrets.

Whole Body Challenge report – 4//18

Whole Body Challenge report – 4/18

Finally got the Gel – it really made a difference for both Betty and me. It perked up my energy and ambition level, so I feel back in the game again.

Featured today was one of my upper body exercises, a lateral pull out with an elastic band. For the video I did 10 pulls, but usually I do isometric and just pull out and hold for 5-10 seconds. I have torn rotator cuff muscles, so the isometric is better for stabilizing the shoulder.

The leg press is progressing, as I add more pounds to the lift. I’ve started adding 6 pounds at this point.

The scale read 135 Lb; we’ll hope that will continue next week.

Whole Body Challenge report – 4/3

April 3 – Whole Body Challenge report

Today marks a full week that we have not had Gel. Our order has been delayed. I noticed the difference!   The edge has gone off my energy level, and I have to get psyched up more to exercise.

Squats were my leg strengthening exercise that Betty videoed today. Normally I do only a few to warm up. For today’s video I did 15, a new record high (My goal is 25 reps) Notice that I do squats with the legs going to, or almost to, 45 degrees!

Walking has slipped a bit to 180 Ft, which is still good. The leg press is good at 20 reps, and once I added 3 lbs to the weight I push.

My weight today was 134, which is encouraging to see that I have not lost any weight.

If you want to learn what the “Whole Body Challenge” is – or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out.