Whole Body Challenge report – 3/29

Whole Body Challenge report 3/29/20

Everyday is exercise day. I start with my upper body firm up to prepare for the more strenuous routines.

I am very pleased that I am walking a consistent 240 ft each day, and my weight is okay at 134 lbs.

Today, I did two sets of 20 reps on the leg press machine. I think the leg presses may be why my walking is better.

Since adding the KetpDay and KetoNight in our nutritional supplementation, I am sleeping longer without as many middle of the night waking periods.

Inch by inch we climb the mountain – it takes time and great effort, but the view at the top is worth it.   🙂

Whole Body Challenge report – 3/19

Whole Body Challenge report 3/19/20

Challenges are like mountain climbing.  There are peaks and valleys.  This week had both ups and downs. An exciting peak was to walk with the walker for 300 ft – it was a surprise!  I’ve been staying consistent at 180 ft, and for no good reason, it jumped to 100 yards, which is actually my final goal.

Remember my main goal is to gain muscle strength and mobility, and to be able to drive to the Convention in Orlando in August. We had to go out to the mobility equipment store because the lift in the car that loads my mobility scooter was slowing down. We learned that the motor in the lift is dying; no more lifts or motors are being made because our model of vehicle is no longer made, and our best option is to keep going until the motor quits. 

Please pray with us that the motor does not quit in Orlando!

The drive to Orlando is about 100 miles, and is supposed to take about 2 hours. The drive to the store and back was 25 miles, and my legs were very tired. That’s motivation to keep building strength!

Working to increase leg strength on my stepper!

If you are curious what the “Whole Body Challenge” is – or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out.


Second Month Challenge Report

Second Month Challenge Report.

I am delighted to report that the scale showed I gained a pound, now up to 134 lbs! 

My major goal with the Challenge is to gain strength and mobility to drive and attend the NUL National Convention in August – a 2 1/2 hour drive.

Leg and abdominal strength are a key factor for driving the distance. 

Leg Lifts target abdominal  and thighs. 

Today’s leg lifts were 4 sets — 1 set of 10 reps, and 3 sets of 5, a new high in sets. 

I made 50 reps on the stepper, which is my other major leg strengthening exercise. I’ve increased the number of days doing the stepper.

Walking with the walker is improving! Five days of the last week I walked 180 Ft — thats 60 yards of my goal of 100 yards.  Hurrah! 

God is good and my support!

Check in next week for my next report.

If you are curious what the “Whole Body Challenge” is – or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out. Big prizes


First Month Challenge Report


First Month Challenge Report:

As I start the second month of the Whole Body Challenge, I am pleased to see signs of progress toward my goals to gain strength and mobility, and to   walk further with the walker.

I weighed in at 133 lbs, which is where I was before. That is perfect, because I do not want to lose weight, I want to gain weight.

Everyday, I do an upper body warmup and firm-up to prepare for walking and the stress on arms and shoulders of getting on the leg lift tower. I press the ball in for isometric conditioning, and 10 reps with the 5lb dumbbell.

I am feeling a little more strength as I transfer to and from my power chair.

I am getting more days walking 180 ft with the walker. Also evidence of a little more strength was doing 10 squats and 50 reps on the stepper.

Today I was able to do 3 sets of leg lifts, one at 10 reps, and 2 at 5 reps – so gaining some strength there also.

If you are curious what the “Whole Body Challenge” is –  or would like to join me in the Challenge – check it out.   Big Prizes!