65. My Heroine!

65.  My Heroine!

When our Amway business flourished, Betty had to overcome her fear of driving, and drove all the way across town to the warehouse near Pearl Harbor to pick up products for our downline and customers.

Whenever Amway came out with a new product, we’d read in the Amway bulletin about some creative distributor who made a “home run” sale of the product in significant quantity.  So we were on alert when Amway added coffee and coffee makers to the product line.  Who uses a lot of coffee makers and coffee? — Hotels!!

At that time, Hilton Hotel Corporation headquarters was in Beverley Hills California.  I called, and actually got through to the head hotel supplies buyers office, and made an appointment to see the buyer.  AMAZING!  My brave Betty flew by herself the 5 hours + to the Los Angeles airport, and took a cab to the Hilton headquarters.

She told me she was “scared to death,” but the buyer knew immediately she was not a professional salesperson, and helped her through her presentation.  Betty returned beaming with self-confidence.  However, Hilton went with Mr. Coffee, so no sales made.

I think Betty’s new confidence helped, because when Amway announced they were going into the commercial laundry business, and had hired a commercial laundry expert to help with the start-up, we were on it!  One of the largest commercial laundries imaginable was run by the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor.

I got an appointment for Betty to meet with the chief procurement officer for the laundry, and called Amway headquarters in Ada Michigan and asked for help.  They helped by flying the new commercial laundry expert to Honolulu to go with Betty to meet the Navy procurement officer at the laundry! Our sponsor, Dr. Block, went with them.

The expert from Amway did his best, but the bottom line was that the Amway laundry system was a two step, two product procedure, and the laundry manager said his employees could handle only one product with certainty.  Again, no sale, but there was a write-up in the Amway bulletin about our appointment.  Betty made us famous in Amway.

I was bursting with pride.  Betty was my heroine!

Personal growth and the building of confidence by stepping out of our comfort zone, was a big plus in Amway; especially for Betty!

Good News! A Milestone Marker

Good News! A Milestone Marker

Monday – March 20th, will be a date I will remember!  A milestone marking the progress in my recovery from a heart attack!

July 8, 2016, — 8 months and 12 days ago, I was admitted to the hospital for irregular heart beat, and had a heart attack, congestive heart failure, and blocked coronary arteries — and fluid collecting in my lungs and chest cavity.

Three ladies at the hospital summarized my options.  I could transfer to a “rehab” hospital for long term care and therapy, or, I could go home with Hospice and die.  That was exactly what they said.

After talking with the Gulfside Hospice doctor, who explained that Hospice here was two organizations – one for terminal patients, and one for sustaining care.  We chose to go home under Hospice care.  The Hospice doctor played a big part in convincing the hospital doctors to release me to go home.

One of the ladies asked me, “Why do you want to go home?”  My reply was “to work on my children’s books and to finish Danny the Dragon.”  That satisfied her; she had previously bought my book, “Tommie Turtle’s Secret.”

God answers prayers!  A big thank you to the many people who were praying for me.

We went to our cardiologist several weeks ago.  EKG was excellent, heart strong and regular, and he cut my one medication to one half.  At the end of the visit, he said, “You know Bob, you are my miracle patient for 2016, we thought you weren’t going to make it.”

My recovery has been remarkable!  I also give credit to the almost daily visits of the nurses and aids from Hospice, and to Joe, Ron and Josh  – angels from The Crossroads Church, who came to help me learn to walk again with the waker, and perhaps the most, to Betty, who served nutritious meals, and kept me consuming our eXfuze superfoods.

When I first arrived home, I was still under the mandate of “nothing by mouth,” which meant all food had to be applesauce consistency, and no solids or liquids.  I had failed the “swallow test” at the hospital.  Betty gave me baby food, pureed veggies, and smashed ice and frozen eXfuze beverage to suck on.

Today, Monday March 20th, I will be officially discharged from Hospice home care!  At my recent 6 month evaluation by the Hospice team, it was concluded that I was continuing to progress toward recovery, and no longer met Medicare requirements for Hospice care.

I still have a way to go, so please keep praying.  I am proof that God answers prayer – I am still alive and progressing!  To God be the glory!

64. Fat Out Fun In!

64.  Fat Out Fun In!

One benefit we enjoyed in Amway back in the 1980’s was attending the Better Life Institute for a week’s “training” at the Grand Plaza Hotel, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Amway had come out with a weight loss program using low fat, low cholesterol, food substitutes and cooking lessons.  The program was delivered by trained advisors to teach prospects the dietary plan and how to use the new food products.  Small groups met weekly for a potluck using low fat dishes and the food substitutes.

We were already eating a vegetarian diet, so thought we’d try this business niche.  To be certified as advisors for the program we had to go to the Better Life Institute for a week’s “training” in Michigan. February was the only possibility! It’s cold in Michigan in February!  When we made the reservation, the gal said, “Are you sure you want to come now?…it’s 40 and snowing.”

We went!  It was cold and snowing most of the week we were there.  I never left the hotel during our week of intensive training.  Seven AM until 9:00 PM…exercise, eat, talk session, exercise, eat, talk session… swim, eat. I have never eaten so much great tasting, low calorie food in my life!  Since Betty and I were the only ones trying to gain weight, we were allowed to raid the refrigerator.  It was fun to swim in the heated pool, watch the snow swirling by, and see icicles under the eves.

Surprise!….this wasn’t for teaching the weight loss classes…it was for a holistic “Heart Healthy Lifestyle” class, ..low cholesterol cooking, exercise, dining out, label reading…etc…even more fun!

Betty and I (Mostly Betty) were the first in Hawaii to teach the Better Life Institute Heart Healthy Lifestyles class.  We hired a caterer, Marian Turgeon of “Feasting Fare,” rented a hall, and held 3 monthly dinner seminars featuring Marian’s rendition of the BLI foods…low calorie, low cholesterol, no sugar, and delicious!  Betty and I did the teaching part…lots of fun! Averaged 30 to 40 people each time.  We taught 2 sessions of the classes at home, which were very rewarding and fun. It gave me a chance to tell some jokes.  The classes included potlucks with the BLI menus, so I made delicious low calorie desserts.