Where did the Blogger Go?

Climbing the MountainWhere did the Blogger Go?

Blogger Bob got swept from the playing field by a heart attack!
I’ve been in a hospital bed for too long, and have to start climbing the mountain again.

The people at the hospital wanted me to stay in the system, telling me that with inoperable blocked coronary arteries and a heart pumping at 15%,  I was too weak to go home.  I failed the swallow test, so nothing by mouth unless a puree at applesauce consistency.

We elected to come home with Hospice, with the help of an incredible Hospice doctor who helped us.  I used to think Hospice was only for terminal patients, but this is a help-you-keep-going team that has provided bed, equipment, oxygen, and almost daily nurses and aides coming to help.

Friends from church come daily to help me get out of bed and begin exercising, and at last get back to the computer.  Good nutrition, and being home, has helped me start climbing the mountain again!

I broke the stalemate at the hospital by telling them I wanted to go home to finish my books.  We are starting a major book marketing campaign to help fund the illustration and publishing of my next book, Danny the Dragon.

Our friend Gaby has volunteered to be campaign manager, and has created a new website to start the ball rolling through friend networks and social media. Take a look:


Up the mountain again …. inch by inch!

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