73. Dream Home

73. Dream Home

When we got acquainted with the young couple upstairs at our Twin Lakes apartment, we learned that his father was a small contractor building houses in the county north of us.  Real estate was cheaper, and taxes lower, and his father was a custom quality builder.  My retirement money had kicked in, so we decided to build our dream home.

Betty and I had great fun workIng with the contractor to design our dream home which we built on a choice end lot in the Cyprus Lakes subdivision in Pasco County.

The house had three bedrooms with private baths.  One was a mother-in-law apartment for Betty’s mother, and one bedroom for my sister Jan, who joined us during winters.  The house ended up being twenty-two hundred square feet, with a great room that had double sliding glass doors out to the pool.  There was a large Pullman kitchen with a serving counter at the end.  A dining room with a wall separating it from the great room, we used as our office.

There was a thirty foot screened in exercise pool, three feet deep at the ends, and four feet in the middle.  We made a deal with a contractor who was getting started with a new solar roof imported from Australia.  For a steep discount, we agreed that he could send referrals to see the pool roof, and hear our testimony.  Tiny tubes ran through the roof panels where water was heated for the pool.  The panels were designed to reflect the sun in summer, and transmit sun in winter to moderate the enclosure temperature.    

Betty tested our custom “sit-tub” Jacuzzi in the large master bath, while the workers were finishing it. With panoramic one-way windows over the tub, I gazed out on my domain.  One view was in to the woods, the other over the pool toward the pond.  With the water jets massaging my back, this was luxury!

The house was next to a cyprus woods, so we were expecting to see wildlife.  With the pond in back attracting the big herons and egrets, we were not disappointed.  You’ll meet our visitors next time.

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  1. Aileen Chinen

    STOP! Bob, your description of your dream home is making me droooool! I’m jalous! I’ll bet it would cost a Floridian just about $20,000 while the same home woulda cost us here about $3 million! (sob sob…sigh) Ahhh…the joys of living in “paradizzeum” yah? You write sooo deliciously! I can’t stop reading…so…STOP!!! (hee hee hee) (shhh….just keep writing, ok Bob?)

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